Country Chef Chicken Pot Pie

We fill our flakey honey crust full of chunky, all white meat chicken and vegetables in a rich, creamy sauce and bake until golden brown. The Country Chef Chicken Pot Pie has a home-made look and taste that is exactly what your customers are looking for.

Cooked to golden brown the Country Chef Chicken Pot Pie has the look of a homemade meal customers will want.

Food Service:

Item:  00325 (9.5 oz.)          Item:  00324 (24 oz.)        Item: 00330 (16 oz.   Unbaked)

Retail: Country Chef Brand

Item: 00327C (9.5 oz.)         Item: 00323C (24 oz.)

Complete Pot Pie Kit 

Here's how to make additional profits with your Rotisserie Chicken!  The Kit comes with complete filling with peas & carrots, 24 pie shells & tops with instruction to make 24: 14-16 oz Pot Pies.  Each Kit uses the meat from 4 Roasted Rotisserie Chickens.

Item Code:  04305


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