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The Carando Gourmet Story
The Carando Gourmet Story

When you offer your customers home-style foods from Carando Gourmet, Priscilla’s and Country Chef, you’re offering them products made with the same care that goes into the meals the Carando family puts on our own kitchen tables.

Carando Gourmet is a third generation family business and the Carando family has been preparing exceptional foods for more than 60 years. Our company was founded by Peter and Angelina Carando using traditional family recipes brought with them from Italy. Our company earned a reputation for making superior foods by adhering to the same standards Peter and Angelina used when cooking at home: Carando products were made with care and expertise, using only the finest ingredients.

Over the years, our high standards have remained the same. What has changed is our product line. In addition to our traditional Italian specialties, our company has grown to offer an assortment of other favorites including quiches, tortas, pot pies and classic American comfort foods, all made with the same home-style approach that ensures excellence.

When you and your customers choose Carando Gourmet, Priscilla’s and Country Chef, you’re choosing foods that you’ll feel every bit as good about serving and eating as you would if you’d made them yourself.

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